Why are some Nigerians in diaspora support the corrupt government of President Buhari

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I have always thought that Nigerians in diaspora will be the “change agents” that will help to better our country Nigeria and I think so because I felt that they have at least traveled abroad and witness firsthand what democracy and good life is like, but It seems that I am dead wrong on it. As it stands, most of them are obviously doing everything within their power to make sure Nigeria remain in the dark… so sad!!!

If not, tell me how can a Nigerian who meant well for this nation and who has spent up to 10 years abroad will continue to support a government like the one we have now…A government with a president that it took 6 months before appointing his heavenly ministers, a president who had spent 5 months and 2 weeks globetrotting without goals and another 5 months for medical vacation (still counting), even at home, he took one month sick leave for resting and recovery. So, technically in 24 months of this administration, our president has spent only barely 6 months governing this nation.

And you see Nigerians living in the US, UK, Australia and western countries defending the indefensible. Tell me the truth, is this possible in that country where you are currently residing… then if not, why are you supporting it in your own country… why can’t you help that country you call your own. Don’t you like to bring progress and development to that your country? Nobody is asking too much from you. At least speak out and call evil “evil” … than supporting evil. Do you like how our people are suffering every day? Virtually nothing is working now… Our country is collapsing … Do you like the Unpredictability of the Market …Do you like how our foreign investors are looking elsewhere… Yet you are doing everything to defend this government?

Make no mistake, I respect my president and anybody can be sick and I wish him well…. but if my president truly love himself and the country Nigeria that he is leading… he should have resigned long time ago to take care of himself and allow the nation that he loves so much to move forward. If he is truly incorruptible and straightforward, he should put this nation first before party and the so called cabals.

It saddened my heart that we encourage evil because of tribalism, ethnicism, secularism. This is 2017 my people… we are been bypassed by every “dick and harry”..look at Rwanda, Angola..…wake up brothers and sisters… we are all one people… Religion and tribalism has eaten deep into our lives that we refuse to recognize bad or evil things again as long as it is from your own divide…

This country is so polarized and you and I are suffering and smiling… Since we are good in copying western values… are we not seeing France, Canada and other parts of Europe and Asia countries with leaders in their 30’s… why can’t we(Nigerians in diaspora) help to educate our people to emulate that political and legal systems…

wake up my people… 
Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

Anthony-Claret Onwutalobi

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